Hello world!

Hello and welcome to our blog! Here you will find any iOS or Android mobile apps information you’d like to know. As smartphones are indispensable devices of our modern life, we decided to open this site to help users learn everything which interests them about applications they want to install on their phones.

We are team of two IT specialists from United Kingdom and this site is a project of our passion what we like to do. As we are in technology field for our whole lives we decided to open blog like this to share our computing knowledge and help people for these needs.
Our main jobs are being programmers in company we own too. We built mobile apps mainly for business purposes and sometimes cooperate with some gaming publishing companies.

It will be our pleasure to share what we’re skilled in here and help someone who’s in need for our services.

That would be it for now. As you can see this site is not yet fully finished but in around few weeks until we get done with everything please come often to check out.

See you around!
Jeremy & Paul – Geekologic Staff